Nudist Potluck

The door opens and three of my best friends and I are greeted by a 6’4’’ tall man wearing nothing but a smile. as the mid 50’s man leads us through a group of nude men, he starts explaining the house and where to de-robe. The tour quickly ends as fast as it started and we find yourself in a green room full of piles of clothes and shoes. ”undress here and we will meet you in the kitchen” the tall man leaves and continues to mingle among the other nude men. Two of my friends as prior guests quickly undress heading out into the living room to receive friendly laughs and hugs from the other guests. I on the other hand need a drink. After i slowly undress, I start to adventure into the kitchen to introduce myself. in my head i ask myself “what do nudist talk about?”

Surprise! Most of the conversations were topical to being naked. But the most common question was “How did you find yourself At this nudist Pot Luck?”
I explain, my connection to my friend that is a regular attendee at this, and how we are connected through art school. My passion for photography enters the conversation and soon I’m playing show and tell of nude portraits i’ve taken. I thought nudist would react to a camera like a vampire to a cross. running and looking for the nearest dark corner to cower in. but to my surprise half the group yelled you must photograph us! As the men jump on the couch to pose i make my way back to the green room to fetch my camera.

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