Dominic L. Garcia

The Tourists Are Coming

Mystery, and the unknown were all tenets to my upbringing. My father, like many other New Mexico natives, has always been very superstitious. Like a true Latino Catholic, my father loved to scare us during long-distance car rides with stories about aliens and impossible scenarios that nonetheless he swore to by his own account. His stories were either UFOs, werewolves, ghosts, or even the Chupacabra. And whenever we finished an eight-hour drive, my father would always find solace in my extended family members comforting him with their own stories and advice about supernatural and unbelievable beings in our midst. While confusing, I spent years of my life trying to find a way to document those affected by the phenomenon of the mysterious.

In these photos, the visitors are experiencing feelings of loneliness, un-acceptance, awkwardness, disgust, and hilarity.

I believe that all of us have a pre-disposed opinion, regardless of intent, when it comes to newcomers. Their color, their creed, their language, or their origin is unimportant. But I do hope that the works I’ve presented can remind us that we have all been new to something. And I hope all who view these works can know from me that we have all been outsiders, we have all screwed up our intentions, we have all sought to find our inner courage, and we have all looked up and found out we’re the only green person in the room.

  • The Bench Gallery San Francisco
  • Oct 1 - Oct 31, 2017

Selected Works

“Unimportant Star Date Commemoration”

“Stupid Tourists”


“Whalien Watching”

"Church of 8 Wheels"

“Fifty Shades of Green” 

“Water On The Brain”

“Suds Buds” 

“Extra Shot of Zordon Juice ”

"Report Suspicious Characters”

“No One Believes”

"Cow Cadavers? Aisle 6”

“No Shirt. No Shoes. Just Service"

“Tomb of Zarthnark” 

“Arrival Day” 

“Blending In”

“Dolores Park, San Francisco”

“Marshall Beach” 

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