Dominic L. Garcia


Landing is a "Start-Up" based in Birmingham Alabama, redefining apartment rentals by providing flexible apartment leases for apartments that are fully furnished and move-in ready including utilities.  The following images were taken for Landing's marketing and brand purposes including the website, internal communications, pitch decks, banner ads, social media and more.  

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I worked with the Director of Photography to determine the creative direction for campaigns by writing creative briefs, determining the shot list, and photographing and styling onsite. 

A modern Chicago kitchen.

These photos are meant to be evergreen content and are part of Landing's Brand Guide. Landing employees can access and use the imagery in their pitch decks, presentations, newsletters, emails, and more.

Our mission was to highlight each apartment's unique characteristics by utilizing natural light. 

Our objective was to make these apartments feel lived-in and welcoming.  So we added little elements of a human presence, an unmade bed, meal prep, or an open book.

I worked with the Senior Designer to identify social media and website imagery needs.  

Landing's clientele and target audience are remote workers, traveling nurses, and companies looking for corporate housing. These photographs are of actual residents in their Landing apartments.

Landing has a workforce known as "Hosts", These gig economy workers are responsible for maintaining and setting up each apartment. These jobs vary from moving furniture, cleaning, concierge services, and more. These photos captured real hosts working in the field. The Images were taken and used for the website, and the host's monthly newsletter.

These images were taken for Landing's website. The following images were shot on-site in the Birmingham home office and showcase real Landing employees. 

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