Dominic L. Garcia

Documenting Queer Love

There are many types of love, but what is true about all love, is that it is always evolving. Some love fades away while others quietly linger. These are images of my shared intimate experiences with lovers. I care deeply for all the individuals I photograph both when they were taken and now, Some of these people have crossed my path to share brief moments only to move on to other loves and experiences. Although lovers often leave, when they are gone these images remind me of simple things such as a touch, look or a feeling. These experiences and photos inspire me to continue on my search to find a love that never fades. 

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My work shows that the search for love and the sexual exploration of gay men are passionate, romantic and endearing. As a gay man the search for love and intimacy can be confusing, the standards of heterosexual society shame homosexuals for their “promiscuous” behavior. This over stigmatized view of gay men relationships has created many barriers in which effect the equal treatment of our community. The views created by heterosexual society imply that homosexual men engage in "unnatural" sexual activities. My Photography is created to positively encourage moments of intimacy and sexual exploration without shame. Although searching for love can often be chaotic, it should not stop homosexual men from experiencing imitate meaningful relationships with another men. My photos capture moments from my lived sexual experiences which are more than physical; they are moments of my personal search for love.

• Documenting queer love, Magnet Gallery, San Francisco CA 2015

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